Put down the snacks and pick up some free weights during the next television commercial break. Source: D.Taylor Images

For many of us, the last thing we feel like doing when we get home from a long day of work is to throw on our tennis shoes and exercise.  Most of us would instead prefer to throw on our lounging clothes and watch television. However, what if you could work out while still enjoying your favorite television programs, and without changing into workout clothes?

Commercial breaks are normally used for using the restroom, grabbing a snack, or working on house chores.  Why not take some of those commercial breaks to create an interval workout? An interval workout consists of repeats of small spurts of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and floor work exercises such as abdominal crunches. Back to back repeats of this well-rounded workout will help to ramp up calorie burn in a short amount of time, but you will still get calorie burn doing such exercises during commercial breaks.  The average commercial break is about 3 minutes long, which allows about 15 minutes or so of workout time for each hour of television.  A 20-minute interval workout can be done in about 1.5 hours of television time and might look like this:

Commercial break #1:  Jumping Jacks for 3-4 minutes

Commercial break #2:  Bicep curls for 1 min., Tricep pushbacks for 1 min., Repeat 2X

Commercial break #3:  30-sec. sets of abdominal crunches, reverse crunches, plank, and Repeat 2X Commercial break #4:  Running in place for 3-4 minutes

Commercial break #5:  Weighted lunges for 3-4 minutes

Commercial break #6:  30 sec. of weighted abdominal crunches, standing ab twists, and Repeat 2X

To get more workout time during television time, exercise during your television shows.  If you have a treadmill, exercise bike, or other exercise machine, use it to work out while you watch your shows to multitask your television time and workout time.  You could also use a similar interval workout system as the commercial break regimen, but instead of doing the intervals during commercial breaks, repeat them back to back to get your 20-30 minute interval workout done during a 30-minute television show time.

Therefore, if you find yourself making excuses for not working out when you get home, remember that there is always time for fitness if you make it!