Holiday season can place a lot of temptation in front of us when we are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  Halloween in particular can place a great obstacle in the way of those with a sweet tooth since the stores are filled with candy treats.  In turn, many workplaces set out candy-filled dishes, and many homes have bags of candy treats sitting in the pantry in anticipation of Halloween day.  In order to allow yourself a treat without sabotaging your healthy lifestyle, follow these easy tips:

*Bring in healthy treats to work: If you bring in healthy treats to set around the office such as mini boxes of raisins, portion-sized packages of almonds, peanuts, or dark chocolate, or granola bars, then you will have something to reach for when you walk by the treat dish without straying from your healthy lifestyle.

*Buy your Halloween candy a few days before it’s time to hand out candy: When we buy Halloween candy too far ahead of time, it tends to sit in our pantry staring at us in the face, and eventually we have to go buy more candy to hand out as Halloween treats because we treated ourselves one too many times.  Buy Halloween candy a few days before it’s time to hand it out to the children, so there is less time for you to be tempted by the sweet treats.

*Buy candy for the children that YOU do not enjoy: Another way to avoid the temptation of Halloween treats sitting in or pantries is to buy a treat that you do not particularly enjoy.  If you do not like fruity candy, then buy bags of fruity candy to hand out to the children.  The less tempting the treat, the less likely you will snack on it.

*Portion out healthy sweets at home for you to enjoy so you do not feel deprived: Another way to distract yourself from the Halloween treats in your pantry is to have healthy treats available to munch on at home.  Fiber-rich snacks like popcorn, granola bars, or fruit can fill you up while still giving you the satisfaction that snacking provides.  If you have a sweet tooth, one ounce of dark chocolate, sliced apples with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, or a cup or two of grapes can provide sweet satisfaction for about 200 calories or less.

These same tips can be used any time of the year to satisfy your need for treats without tripping up your health goals!