There is a lot more to weight loss success than what you eat

Most Common Excuses

There are many reasons that people use to excuse themselves from engaging in healthy behaviors.

Here is a list of the most common excuses used that prevent weight loss success:

*”I don’t have time…”:  Whether it’s not having time to exercise, not havingtime to cook healthy meals, not having time to go to the store to buy healthy foods, etc. nearly every client I have met have used this excuse, and have used in such a nonchalant way as if to believe that this is actually an unresolvable issue for them.  The fact is that no matter how busy you may be, there is always going to be someone busier than you out there that has managed to find the time to exercise or prepare healthy meals.  Therefore, if you truly want to be successful at weight loss and maintenance, you must MAKE the time to make healthy changes.

*”I am too tired to exercise”:  This is perhaps my favorite excuse to debunk since energy creates energy.  If we sit around at a desk all day, sit in a car when we are driving to work, and sit down when we get home for dinner, then of course our bodies will remain tired.  However, if we take a short walk around the office during the day, maybe take a walk on our lunch break, or take a walk in the morning or after dinner, then we will give our bodies a welcome “break” from all of the sedentary behavior and will feel more energized to go about the rest of our day.

*”I don’t have the money to be healthy”: Last time that I checked it didn’t cost anything to take a walk everyday, and it certainly didn’t cost anything to drink water from our kitchen sinks, and if we compare the price of eating take out or processed foods every day, taking 30 minutes a day to prepare fresh or frozen vegetables and lean meats is a lot less expensive.  So once again, if we MAKE THE TIME to be healthy and prepare meals ourselves, it will cost less now as well as in the future of our health care.