Stretching is key to warming up your muscles for a work out and to cool down after a workout.  It is important to stretch to prevent injury and to maintain flexibility.  Stretching can be done anywhere: inside an exercise studio, in your living room, or on the grass before jogging.

Basic Arm Stretch

  1. Place right arm across chest with your palm facing towards you.
  2. Take left arm and with palm facing towards you, use left arm to press the right arm (behind the elbow area) closer to your chest.
  3. Press down for 10 seconds. Repeat placing left arm across chest and using right arm to press the left arm towards chest.
  4. Repeat 5 times each side for a full stretch of the arms.

Basic Leg Stretch

  1.  Sit on the ground with both legs together and straight in front of you.
  2. With toes pointing upward, place arms straight in front of you at shoulder level, bend slightly at the hip, and slowly lean forward towards your toes.
  3. Take a deep breath in and out, then try to bend further into the stretch, allowing your chest and head to lay onto your legs as you grow deeper into the stretch.
  4. Repeat Step #3 until you are able to reach as far as possible into the stretch without feeling too much strain.

Basic Back Stretch

  1. Place both arms behind you, interlocking hands.
  2. Bend over at the hip until your body is at a 90 degree angle.
  3. While bent over, allow arms to stretch upwards.
  4. Hold stretch for 10-15 seconds.