Getting bored with your meals and snacks? Reaching for unhealthy habits because you're tired of eating chicken, chicken, and more chicken for dinner? Running out of recipe ideas?  Well, it seems like you have hit a plateau in your healthy meal preparation and need to step out of the box and try some new ways to add excitement and flavor to your foods.  With a little spice and some ethnic flair, you can give boring meals gourmet appeal!

1.) Add turmeric to rice, lentil, and meat dishes for an exotic Indian flavor.  Use in recipes such as curries, lentil dahl, or as a rub for beef or chicken.  Enhance the flavor of turmeric with other spices such as curry powder or cumin.

2.) Add cumin to meat, seafood, or beans to add a Mexican flair to your meals.  Combine cumin with chili powder, onion powder, or garlic to enhance the zesty flavor of cumin.

3.) Add ginger to rubs for meat and seafood, or use to make sauces such as brown sauce to add an Asian flair to your meals. In addition, ginger is great for digestion and has been used for centuries to relieve stomach upset and nausea.

4.) Use garlic along with other spices such as basil and oregano to add an Italian flair to dishes.  Saute garlic with butter as part of sauces for meat or pasta, to spread on bread, or to season veggies such as Garlic Spaghetti Squash.

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