When first starting a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to get stuck in a rut of eating the same meals over and over again. This can get boring and make take the joy out of eating.  Eating should be enjoyable.  Eating should be a time to enjoy the fresh flavors of nature with our families and nourishing our bodies with all that nature has to offer.  In order to start enjoying your food again, use the harvest of the season to reap the full benefits of the fruits, and vegetables, of nature.

For example, see below for the particular fruits and vegetables that are in season in my home state of Maryland throughout the year:

April-June: asparagus

May: spinach

May-June: strawberries

June-July: peas, cherries, raspberries

June-August: blueberries

July-August: cucumbers, blackberries, okra, black-eyed peas, nectarines

June-September: cabbage, snap beans, summer squash, corn

July-September: potatoes, beets, tomatoes, peaches, carrots, cantaloupes, plums, lima beans, eggplant, peppers

July-October: watermelons

July-November: broccoli

August-September: winter squash (such as butternut squash), grapes

August-October: pears

August-November:  turnips, apples

September-November: pumpkins

September-December: sweet potatoes

Check the “Eat Well Guide” to see what fruits and vegetables are in season in your local region so you can reap the nutritional and flavor benefits of eating produce at their peak!