Easy Steps to Planning Ahead

 *Portion Snacks Ahead of time:

After dinner, while your food is settling, plan your snacks for the next day and portion them into small sandwich bags or reusable containers for the week.  Make each bag or container about 100-calorie snacks.  This will make it easy to keep track of calories throughout the day and make it easy to throw some snack portions in your bag or purse for the day.

 *Plan meals before you make a grocery list:

Sit down before you go grocery shopping and think about what meals you will be preparing for the week.  Plan your grocery list according to what you will need for all of your breakfast, lunches, dinners, and snacks.  This small bit of time will translate to less wasting of food, not running out of healthy food needed for your daily meals and snacks, and in turn, no excuse not to stay on track with healthy eating.

 *Pack lunch the night before:

Like your snacks, pack your lunch right after dinner while you are cleaning up the dinner food and dishes.  It makes packing lunch not as much of a chore if you are combining tasks, and it also gives you one less thing to do in the morning.

 *Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual to eat breakfast:  Instead of waking up late and running to the drive-through window for breakfast, get up early and sit down so you can enjoy your first meal of the day.


*When going out, find out the menu ahead of time:  Most franchise restaurants have their menus online.  Look ahead and plan out what healthy choices will be available so you don’t end up choosing an unhealthy choice on a whim.  If there is no menu online, stick with a grilled protein and a side of veggies or salad to be safe.