Accepting a healthy lifestyle

Perhaps the most important part of succeeding in a healthy lifestyle is accepting it as just that, a healthy LIFESTYLE.  So many times individuals can get caught up in being on a “diet” that they start viewing certain foods as “good “ and “bad,” and start identifying certain days as “cheat” days.

This mentality can lead to the thinking that the “diet” is only meant to be followed until the goal is achieved, then the “diet” can relax.  This is dangerous territory since going from a strictly regimented “diet” to a more relaxed attitude can lead to slipping back into old, unhealthy habits.

A better approach is to see your journey towards weight loss and maintenance as a long-term lifestyle change that develops over time.  Follow the steps below for healthy, gradual lifestyle change:

1.)     Each day, Journal your food and beverage intake, any physical activity you may perform, and any time you may feel hungry or full.  Looking back each day will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

2.)     Set a small, specific goal each week such as “I will eat 1 cup of vegetables at every dinner meal.”  Small achievements like this add up over time and develop into healthy habits.

3.)     Continue to journal to identify areas you are still struggling in such as indulging in  ice cream every time you get stressed.

4.)     If you have trouble overcoming weaknesses, seek a healthcare professional or join a weight loss group to get advice from others on how to deal with certain obstacles to a healthy lifestyle.