With temperatures cooling down and the holiday season approaching, the fall season can be a time when motivation to maintain our healthy lifestyle can wither along with the leaves. Bathing suit season is over, so it's easier to cover up in baggy clothes and lose sight of any weight gain that may sneak up on us until the spring rolls around. This roller coaster of lose, gain, lose, gain doesn't have to be the course of every year though. Instead of falling off track, let the fall season be a time to challenge yourself to break the yo-yo pattern so that once and for all your New Year's resolution can be something other than losing weight.

The first step to developing a solid healthy routine is to look back at where you have gone wrong before. Think back to your previous weight loss efforts and figure what caused you to go off track. Were you stressed? Did you celebrate a little too much during football season and at holiday work parties? Did the new school year throw off your fitness schedule? Whatever the case may have been, try to remember the reasons you used to excuse yourself from eating healthy or exercising such as no time to exercise, no energy to prepare healthy meals or snacks, or too cold to walk or jog outside.

Once these excuses have been identified, think of ways to prevent these obstacles from running you off track with your healthy lifestyle this year. Wake up earlier in the morning to exercise or work out at night during television time, set aside time after dinner to pack lunches and prep dinner for the next day, or get walking and running gear for any type of weather so that there is no excuse not to be physically active outside.

By replacing your excuses with healthy resolutions, you are building the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. There are going to be times when you fall back into unhealthy habits, but instead of letting them drive you off course, this time let them be bumps in the road that make you stronger and more steadfast in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.