As the weather cools down during the fall season, it may be tempting to bring our physical activity routine indoors, or to cut back on engaging in any physical activity.  Instead, take advantage of the crisp, cool breezes to refresh your workouts and invigorate your fitness goals.

Start making your fall fitness plan by writing down in your calendar those times of day that you have 30 minutes to spare.  This may include waking up a bit earlier than usual to work out, walking during your lunch break at work, replacing your post-dinner television shows with a walk outside, or fitting fun physical activities such as hiking, walking in a corn maze, or picking pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch into your fall weekend festivities.  Whatever it may be, making a goal to fit 30 minutes of physical activity in most days of the week is a great start to building a solid fall fitness plan.  It may also be helpful to set fitness goals for yourself to motivate you to be active.  Sign up for a local 5K race or charity walk so you can do something good for you and for a good cause at the same time.

Let your fall fitness plan lead into healthy habits that you can maintain throughout the year by making physical activities a priority in your schedule at least 30 minutes a day for most days of the week.  Establishing fitness habits may be a bumpy road at first, but over time you will be thankful for the changes you made and you will have more energy to enjoy life at its fullest every day of the year!