During the fall and winter seasons, game day can take over many days of the week, especially the weekends, and sitting on the couch chomping on party snacks can replace our Sunday strolls around the block.  This routine switch can pack on the pounds and only start the beginning of what is a downward spiral of unhealthy behaviors as the holiday season rears its head.  This downward path is why nearly every year, the majority of people claim "losing weight" as their New Year's resolution.  To avoid this yearly up and down on the scale, make game day a time for celebration in a healthy way.

  • At the start of the game, run in place as the first play is being made.
  • When your team scores, do 10 jumping jacks in place.
  • During halftime, go outside and play your own game of football, soccer, baseball, basketball, or whatever sport you wish.
  • During commercial breaks, do "couch squats" by standing up from the sitting position and sitting down again. Repeat 10-15 times each commercial break.
  • To make it less awkward, get everyone at your game day festivities involved.  Instead of a "drinking game," every time someone on your team makes a good play, make everyone do a couch burpee (jump up from seated position, do a jumping jack, and then sit back down), run around the room, do pushups, or run in place.

Not only will these tips help you burn calories, but they will inject energy into your party and get everyone's adrenaline high so you can cheer on your team the whole day through!