Take time to make changes: When making any lifestyle changes, it is important to recognize that some sacrifices will have to be made in order for those changes to occur.  One of those major sacrifices is time.  Without taking time to make changes happen, change will not happen.

Step 1: Taking time to change

Realize unhealthy habits:  In order to make positive lifestyle changes, the unhealthy behaviors that need to change must be realized.  Once unhealthy behaviors are acknowledged, they can become healthy habits.

Step 2: Realize unhealthy habits

Accountability for actions: During the process of change, one must be accountable for their actions or lack thereof. This can be done by tracking eating behaviors and physical activity as well as by journaling to track challenges and setbacks you may experience in the change process.

Step 3: Accountability

Control setbacks: Setbacks are bound to happen.  With social events, celebrations, or even times of stress, healthy habits may take the backseat.  The important thing to remember during these times is that a setback is an isolated situation and doesn’t have to sabotage all of your efforts to change.  Recognize the setback and get back on track.

Step 4: Control setbacks

Keep trying new things: In order to keep lifestyle changes fresh and exciting, it is important to try new things such as new foods, new recipes, new exercises, or new ways to de-stress.  Variety is the spice of life and can prevent lifestyle changes from becoming boring or difficult to maintain.

Step 5: Keep trying new things