Starting a fitness regimen can be challenging from not only not knowing what to do, but getting the motivation to do whatever you plan.  One of the best ways to establish a foundation for motivation is to set a goal to accomplish that you can train for such as a 5K race.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced walker or runner, a short distance race like a 5K can be trained for in about 3 months.  Therefore, finishing a 5K race is a good short-term goal to set to jumpstart the motivation in you to be fit and healthy.  Furthermore, completing a 5K will not only help you to get healthy, but will also help those in need since most 5K races support a charitable cause.  Although you can find races scheduled year round, many races can be found around holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and St. Patrick’s Day to add a festive flavor to the fitness experience.

The best place to start when training for a 5K is to make a plan.  Your personalized training plan will depend on how long you have been running or walking for fitness, and if you want to walk or run the actual race.  If you are a beginner walker or runner, it is best to start your training with at least 20 minutes of walking or jogging three times a week.  Gradually build upon your training each week by increasing your training time as well as your intensity.  If you are a beginner runner, start by doing intervals of walking and running, and increasing the amount of time you run as your training progresses.

Find a 5K race in your area by searching “5K race” online or visiting fitness sites such as or