Ways to Deal with Emotional Eating

Emotional eating doesn’t have to control you, so be in control of your emotional eating with these easy methods:


“react before acting;” recognize the reason you feel stressed, take a few deep breaths, and deal with the stress in a non-food-related way such as by taking  a walk, sitting in a quiet room for a bit, having a calm conversation with someone about how you are feeling, or by just closing your eyes and clearing your mind   of all negativity.

*Anxiety/Sadness: Instead of eating your worries or sadness away, try talking about your feelings with a close friend or loved one, take a hot bath and light a candle while playing some relaxing music, or write your feelings down in a journal so you can get your feelings out on paper instead of bottling them up inside and using food to comfort those feelings.

*Boredom: When feeling bored, read a book, call a friend or family number, take a walk, or watch a movie.  Find ways to enjoy your time without eating away your day.

 *Celebration/Social Eating: Social events with family and friends can lead to overeating. Plan ahead for such events by:

- eating a small snack and drinking a bottle of water beforehand so you don’t overeat at the event

-bring a healthy dish to the event so there is at least one healthy dish you can eat when you are there

-find out what is on the menu before the event and plan out what and how much you will eat