Eating out can lead to acting out with food

Ways to Lessen the Calorie Load when Eating Out:

 1.)    Order an appetizer and a side dish for your meal:

An appetizer-side dish combo such as a shrimp cocktail appetizer and a bowl of soup can be satisfying without leaving you feeling stuffed.

2.)    Order a child-sized entrée:

Most times a child-sized entrée contains an appropriate portion size of meat and veggies versus standard entrees that can contain 2 to 3 times the appropriate portion sizes.

It may feel strange at first to ask for a child-sized portion, but most restaurant staff will not mind, and your waistline will thank you!

 3.)    Get sauces or dressings on the side

Getting sauces or dressings on the side of salads and meat dishes can provide control over how much topping is consumed rather than consuming salads drenched in dressing or meats slathered in sugary and salty sauces.

4.)    Drink only unsweetened beverages:

Stick to sugar-free beverages or water so you can eat your calories instead of drinking them.

5.)    Skip dessert:

Don’t feel pressured into eating dessert if you are already satisfied from your main meal. Skipping that slice of cheesecake or scoop of ice cream can save hundreds of calories.

6.) Skip the bread or chips at the start of your meal:

It may seem like a free part of your meal, but those hundreds of extra calories you will consume before your meal even hits the table will do nothing but cost you later when it comes to keeping on track with your healthy lifestyle. This is the first decision that you will make when eating out that can affect the course of your decision-making for the rest of your time eating outside of the home. Make the healthy choice!