Before starting your new healthy lifestyle, you may have to clean up your pantry and clean up your diet to make room for your healthier new choices. It can feel like a spring cleaning of sorts or a detox.  Without resorting to extreme methods of detoxing such as drinking lemon water for a week or wrapping your body in plastic wrap and sweating away the toxins, see below for some healthy and practical ways to detox your diet.

  • Limit your processed food intake: one product at a time, rid your pantry  and fridge of processed food.  Replace your chips with fresh potatoes, your sugary cereal with oatmeal, your frozen pizza with fresh dough, cheese, and tomatoes. Before long, your pantry and fridge will be full of fresh and healthy foods that will allow you to lower the sodium, sugar, and calories in your diet and provide you with more flavorful meals and snacks for your new healthy lifestyle.
  • Drink more water: Replace one cup of cola or juice with water, bring water with you to work or school, and vow to drink at least one cup of water during each week or snack.  Staying hydrated cleanses your body by flushing toxins from your system, therefore giving you more energy and helping with weight loss.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your meals and snacks: Fruits and vegetables are chock full of fiber that is not digested by the body, but slows down digestion in a good way, allowing for more nutrients to be absorbed from the food you eat and bulking up your stool, thus allowing your body to efficiently rid of any toxins that may be lurking in your digestive tract.
  • Go vegetarian for one day:  If you are not on a vegetarian diet already, it may be a food idea to start making one day of meals per week a vegetarian day.  Going meatless can give your body a chance to focus on absorbing all of the good nutrients from the fruits and veggies you eat and take a break from having to digest more solid proteins from meat.  Enjoy whole grains, beans, and tofu as well to add to the flavorful and fiber-rich taste of a vegetarian diet.  Experiment with different recipe sand you might start enjoying the vegetarian day so much that you make more days of the week vegetarian!
  • Sweat more without a wrap: Sweating naturally releases toxins from our body while regulating temperature in our body. Being active is the natural, healthiest way to produce sweat while keeping your heart strong. Just 20-30 minutes a day of exercise and engaging in everyday physical activities such as gardening, walking the dog, cleaning, etc.