It's easy to just buy a jar of sauce, throw it over some pasta or chicken and call it a meal.  However, do we really know what's in the sauces we buy?  Do we really enjoy the taste of such processed sauces, or are we just used to the taste of them because we have been eating them for so long.  It's time to throw away the bottles and jars and start making your own condiments for a healthier, fresher, and more flavorful perspective on flavoring your food!

1.) Make your own marinara sauce with a simple saute of onions, garlic and butter with fresh tomatoes and Italian spices.  Use sauce for topping pasta dishes, or on meats such as turkey meatballs.

 2.) Make your own dipping sauces or salad dressings such as honey mustard sauce for french fries and other veggies by using a low-fat and protein-rich Greek yogurt base and adding mustard, ground pepper, garlic powder, honey, and/or vinegar.

3.) Create your favorite take-out sauces such as Asian brown sauce by mixing ginger, soy sauce, brown sugar, and other spices, and cook in a pan on medium to low heat with a flour and water thickener mixture to make it just like you would get in a restaurant...but better and fresher!

4.) Create your own Mexican meal mix sauces and seasonings without opening a boxed kit or sauce packet.  Create enchilada sauce with a simple mixture of tomatoes, cumin, and other spices, mild salsa with seasoned pureed tomatoes, sauteed onions and peppers, and cilantro, or create taco seasoning with a mixture of spices such as cumin, chili powder, salt, and other spices.