Fall Into New Healthy Habits

 Shed what is not working for you, and sweep away those leaves to make room for change. Photo by  Autumn Mott  on  Unsplash

Shed what is not working for you, and sweep away those leaves to make room for change. Photo by Autumn Mott on Unsplash

With the leaves falling from the trees, I am reminded of the transition of the seasons.  The crisp, clean air always inspires me to make a fresh start. This is why I am back again on this blog and vow to be consistent in providing you healthy messages more frequently.  

A whole lot has happened in the past year. Long story short, I have had an enlightening journey in Oregon thus far.  I am working at a wonderful Diabetes and Weight Clinic with a warm staff and amazing, inspiring patients.  My husband was laid off from his job in March 2017, and after about two months of being without unemployment funding, his former workplace has reinstated such funds.  Although that is such a blessing, we are still behind on many bills. Therefore, I have started freelance writing with a vengeance and have realized that at some point in the very near future, I want to pursue freelance work full-time.  So far, my part-time work in freelance writing has gotten an amazing response. I am convinced now that every struggle happens for a reason.

So, what does this have to do with fall? What doesn't it have to do with fall?  Fall is about transformation. After allowing your ideas to bloom in the spring, and exposing them to light in the summer, the fall provides a time of assessment. What is helping you get closer to your goals? What is standing in your way of happiness, health, or success?  Answering these questions helps you realize what leaves you should shed to make room for new growth in the new year.

Perhaps you started a healthy eating routine in the spring that cut out all carbs. However, maybe over the past few months, you realize that you are low on energy and are always hungry.  Your body may be missing out on important nutrients it needs. Therefore, it may be time to visit the doctor to check your vitamin and nutrient levels, and perhaps make over your diet.

No matter what information your assessment provides, it is important that you take action on what you find out.  You don't want to keep wading through the same tired routine if it is doing nothing to make you feel better inside or out. 

If you need help on figuring out what is getting in the way of the healthiest, happiest you, then contact My Lighttrack Dietitian today.