Controlling Trigger Food Situations

*Stress eating: When feeling stressed, find other ways to deal with your stress instead of reaching for the nearest chocolate bar or salty snack. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind of any anxiety you may be feeling. Other non-food ways of dealing with stress include taking a walk, taking a hot bath, calling a friend or family member on the phone to talk about what is bothering you, or just forget about your stress by reading a book or watching a funny movie.

*Social events: When at a social event, be sure to have a healthy snack about an hour before the event, about 150-200 calories, along with 2 cups water. This pre-party snack will prevent you from being overly hungry and binging on unhealthy foods available at the party. Also, plan ahead by finding out the menu that will be available to you and planning out healthy choices and serving sizes you can stick to.

*Celebrating: It’s always nice to reward yourself when you have accomplished something good, but your reward does not have to be food. Treat yourself to a new piece of clothing, a spa or salon treatment, or simply just a day off from household chores. You will feel rewarded without feeling guilty.