When you encounter an obstacle in your journey to be healthier, you are bound to have setbacks that may put you off course.  Temptations to stop exercising or indulge in unhealthy foods may rear their ugly heads, and you may become frustrated on how to control these momentary setbacks from sabotaging your health efforts.  Sometimes this frustration can become overwhelming and cause relapses of unhealthy habits and behaviors as well as thoughts of giving up on your healthy lifestyle efforts.

Instead of giving in to such thoughts and going back to unhealthy behaviors, do not be afraid or too proud to ask for support from family, friends, healthcare professionals, or others that are making similar lifestyle changes or have professional experience working with individuals making such lifestyle changes.  Family and friends can show their support by providing healthy food and drink options at social events and dinners, providing resources regarding wellness programs or events, by taking walks with you, or joining you for a workout.

Healthcare professionals can answer any questions you may have about tailoring your healthy lifestyle more to fit your daily routine.  Weight loss support groups and online discussion boards can also be a great means of encouragement to continue with your healthy lifestyle journey.  Venting your questions and concerns to others that are going through their very own healthy lifestyle journey can give you the motivation and determination to keep moving forward so that you can stay on the Lighttrack to health!